Further Sekhem Healing Courses

  • Colour Lines or Rainbow Sekhem Healing
  • Sekhem Healing Master and Master Teacher Level
  • Higher Purpose of Sekhem Healing
  • Higher Octave of Sekhem Healing Level 1
  • Higher Octave of Sekhem Healing Level 2
  • Language of the Body

Each level runs on duration of two days.

Rainbow Sekhem Healing or Colour Line Sekhem Healing:

Certificated course taking colour healing to new heights of awareness and spirituality using the colours of Ancient Egypt combined with modern Sekhem Healing techniques.

Level 2 or 3 Krhem-Sekhem is a pre-requisite for this course.

Combining these techniques allow the individual to experience the intensified healing aspects of colour with all the senses fully engaged (light, smell, colour and sound) so allowing for greater healing on all levels