Organize a course for yourself!

Now is the time to organize a course for yourself!

Organize these courses in your chosen location so you will save on travel and accommodation expenses. During the course you will receive and give healing that will give you the opportunity to master the methods and unleash the free flow of life energy that brings balance in the body, healing and peace of mind to us.

This course is for those who are already working with alternative healing modalities like naturopathy kinesiology, massage therapy and every type of energy healing modalities.

As organizer of the course can be an honorary participant in the course. It will be your responsibility to advertise and source an appropriate place where the course can be conducted. The brochures about the course we will send them to you.

The course helps create the things you want most in life.

I suggest that the minimum number of participants to be at least 20 people.

Please contact us and to discuss further details.

phone: +61-408-166-602