Stress Management & Anxiety


In order to understand how we can help ourselves and others deal with stress, it is helpful to understand some of the major ways in which our bodies respond to stresses. Although we are all individuals and the things which upset us differ and our body responses differ, there are certain common patterns of change that take place within the body. The following summary of response patterns is taken from Nancy Joeckel’s booklet, “Say Yes! to Stress”:

Hans Selye, the father of stress research, found that there is an underlying process to stress – basic bodily reactions that are essentially the same in everyone. He called this process the Generalized Adaptation Syndrome (G.A.S.), and he showed that it begins operating within us as soon as we realize we must respond to change.

Stage 1 :ALERT

When we are first exposed to a stress, instantly the brain signals the body to release

stress hormones into the blood stream from the glands where they have been produced and stored. These hormones are carried to every part of the body. They produce many metabolic changes, but two are especially important for us to understand.

Stage 2 : RESPONSE

The common name for this stage is ‘fight/ flight’. In it, we attempt to deal with the stressor and protect our well-being. On the whole, our choices are straightforward: we accept change when we can, avoid it when we can’t accept it, fight it when we can’t avoid it and surrender to it when we must.

The more stress we’re in, the more it turns off. `Older,’ more primitive brain centres are left in control. There decisions are made unconsciously, based on our instincts. Physical survival is the primary goal.


We get rattled, off balance, don’t know which way to turn. We become unglued, fall apart, lose our heads. We can’t think straight, draw a blank, are at our wit’s end. We’ve all experienced the unpleasant symptoms of OVERWHELM.

Dealing with long-term problems, for instance, can exhaust us. Heavy emotional shock can send our stress hormones skyrocketing.

Almost all of these stresses and traumatic events can be helped to solve and dissolve trough methods and modalities of Energy Medicine like: Kinesiology, Sekhem, Hypnotherapy, Theta Healing EFT, NLP, and others. All these are available for you at