Theta and Delta Healing

Theta and Delta Healing

This work is not limited to THETA patterns. We go further exploring DNA, changing inappropriate behaviour patterns, clearing the way for effective cell-cell-communication, rejuvenating the body, learning how to heal ourselves so we can be of help to others and in so doing deepen the experience of our soul journey.

This is a practical approach to spirituality. We invite you to experience the process, open the lock and enter the path, knowing that every step will be guided and the unfolding story will fall like rain, refreshing the soul.

Theta Mastery

Is a workshop, which helps people develop their own intuitive wisdom for healing and empowerment, primarily through the use of guided meditation and visualization. Modern research shows that long-term meditation creates balance between the hemispheres of the brain, thus enabling both sides of the brain to function in harmony. This enables the individual to become calmer, more intuitive and creative, and able to solve problems more easily and quickly.

The Theta Mastery workshop also teaches people how to change their brain wave levels of functioning, and to experience the amazing phenomenon of quickly and easily accessing the different levels of brain wave function: Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta. When we learn how to change the level of brain wave function, we are able to change any negative programming buried in our subconscious, which allows us to change behavior patterns. The processes are gentle, yet powerful and life transforming.


The Theta Mastery processes are not limited to changing behavior patterns. They actually allow us to explore effective cell-to-cell communication and clear old patterns at a DNA level, helping us to rejuvenate the body. As we do, we learn how to heal ourselves. In class, we learn how to assist others to facilitate their own healing processes through the art of intuitive distance healing.

Brain Wave Cycles

Beta functions at 14-21 cycles per second (cps) and is the level at which we live and work most of the time. Beta is left brain dominant, and the mind focuses on the physical dimension through the physical senses. Beta is the level of time, space, intellect, belief, and reason; it is where we experience stress, depression, self doubt, and emotional outbursts.

Alpha functions at 7-14 cps and is the level at which the mind focuses on inner levels of power and awareness. Alpha right brain dominant, and is the source of inspiration, intuition, and creativity. At Alpha, the mind is free from worries and frustrations of the physical world.

Theta functions at 4-7 cps, and is the level of light sleep. It is an easy-to-learn conscious disconnection from the body, during which time there’s little awareness of physical sensations. In Theta meditation you go beyond the everyday “thinking” mind to transform limiting patterns to new levels of inspiration and empowerment.

Delta functions at 0-5 cps and is the level of the unconscious; the province of deep sleep; the area of total physical rest and regeneration. With meditation practice people can be in Delta and be awake. Whether awake or a sleep Delta is the brain wave level for deepest healing.

Theta Mastery is a wonderful, easy-to-learn system of meditations and visualizations, which allow one to change their brain wave functioning for deep healing, inspiration, and self-empowerment.