Clinical Hypnotherapy is a well recognized and serious therapy that can help resolve many difficulties, issues and addictions.

Hypnosis is one of many ways of inducing non ordinary state of consciousness (NOSC) which facilitate considerable therapeutic change.

A Clinical Hypnotherapist is a trained therapist who can access the subconscious part of your mind by using hypnosis to help you make the changes you wish to make so that you can enjoy life much more.

Clients who visit a Hypnotherapist spend most of their session sitting or reclining comfortably, feeling extremely relaxed, listening to the Therapist giving suggestions, and perhaps using metaphors which help them achieve the therapeutic results they’ve agreed upon together.

Hypnotherapy or Relaxation therapy, Visualization and Meditation

Clinical Hypnosis is a gentle experience. Your body becomes very relaxed, yet your mind remains very focused. Usually you will hear everything that is said, but often as though you were at a distance, observing.

Clinical Hypnotherapy is a well recognized and serious therapy that can help resolve many difficulties, issues and addictions.

The root cause of most physical and emotional problems is in the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind creates form past experiences and inherited or learned beliefs behaviour patterns that often are outside of conscious memory or awareness. Hypnosis is a way of accessing and releasing the information and the accompanying emotional distress.

When you experience hypnotherapy you are not under the “control” of the therapist and if you wanted to, you could get up and leave at any time. However, you would probably be so comfortable and relaxed that this would be the last thing on your mind. During trance, you are not immobilized. You know exactly where you are the entire time. You can adjust your position, scratch, sneeze, or cough. You can open your eyes and bring yourself out of trance at any time you wish. During trance, you can still hear sounds around you, like a phone ringing. You can alert yourself and respond to any situation that needs your immediate attention. You remain oriented as to a person, place, and time. You can even hold a conversation in trance.

Clinical Hypnotherapy is the art and science of using verbal and non-verbal communication for the purpose of altering a client’s physiology and subconscious mind, resulting in a desired state or change.

Clinical Hypnosis is widely used to assist in pain control and to change unwanted habits and addictions. Hypnosis is also used for motivation, enhancing memory and to achieve many other therapeutic gains. Because hypnosis accesses the subconscious mind, it can also be used to improve performance. Using hypnosis, the changes you want can come about easily and effectively. For example:

          Phobias                                      STOP SMOKING