Acupressure For Emotions

This is a beautiful modality to unblock or transform those negative energies accumulated in any of those major organs.

Using the Five Element theory transcribed to the major organs of the body and the emotions related to these organs.

“The emotions not only Point to the places where we are disconnected from our True Nature, but are portals to states of Essence because each emotion is a distortion of some Essential aspect. For example anger is a distortion of True Strength By fully exploring our anger without rejecting it and without externally expressing it there can be a transformation of the emotion into the Essential aspect that it is mimicking.”
From ‘The Way of the Five Elements’
by John Kirkwood

Five Major Organs

Modern quantum science as well as the ancient teachings of Chinese medicine say that everything is energy. Everything that makes up a human being, mind-body-spirit, correlates at an energetic level to something “external” in nature. We can use the vibrational frequency of nature and these principles of natural law to heal and balance our bodies and emotions.
This principle of interconnectedness also applies between different physical aspects of our bodies. For example, the Kidney organ correlates with the tissue of bone/teeth, the sensory taste of salt, the sensory organ of the ear, and the areas of the lower back, knees, and the heels/feet.
Knowing the relationship between these elements