About Áron Szücs

Registered Member of:

  • Australian Kinesiology Association (ACA)
  • Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS)
  • International Energetic Healing Association (IEHA)
  • Helen Belòt Pure Sekhem Healing Lineage Master Teacher

For almost 25 years I started to study to fulfill my dream and purpose to promote optimal health and wellness for you and your family and those people who want to be helped through a holistic approach.

As a Natural Therapist using a wide range of modalities helping you to overcome, release and heal emotional trauma, addictions, self-sabotage. Through the process of transformation you are empowered to use your innate ability and the therapy what your inner knowing want. With this restoring the body’s natural flow of energy.

Vision Statement

Goal of “A to Zen Essence of Healing” is to offer a service that will help the clients learn and understand what is the key to better health. The focus is on the free flow of Life Force energy in the body and mind.

The free flow of the Life Force  energy is the essence of:

  • Good health, energy and vitality
  • Peace of mind and contentment
  • Self-acceptance and self esteem
  • Living and experiencing unconditional love

The clients, who are ready to experience the free flow of this Life Force  energy, will create a ripple effect amongst their family and friends.

Make it a goal that after the session or program you tell every-one of the fun and personal growth, expansion and difference that you feel.  It is our desire to keep the cost of sessions and running these programs minimal so that it reaches out to many.

We ask you to encourage all you meet to give them-selves the gift to experience unconditional love and the free flow of Life Force energy by attending these programs.

This word of mouth recommendation  and through your generous spirit we can reduce media advertising and in so doing hold the cost of this program to a minimum.


Each person has their unique needs. My personal aim is to meet those needs by applying a holistic, flexible and results orientated approach that allows the transformation what the person seeks. You are empowered to use your innate ability and life experiences and the therapy you want. Through the process of transformation people identify, explore and express their inner potential and strengths so that they are able to transform their life at all levels and dimensions.

This can involve:

Kinesiology: Vibrational Kinesiology, Aromatic Kinesiology, Counseling Kinesiology and Applied Physiology.
Hypnotherapy or Relaxation therapy, Visualization and Meditation.
Energy Medicine:  Sekhem – Quantum Touch or Light Touch and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

Revolutionary techniques for helping you to be:

  • More confident, creative and at peace creating a stress free life for your self
  • To reach your full potential.
  • Release and heal your addictions and your self sabotage.
  • Feel happy and content with life.

I am using these modalities as an intuitive artist, rather than a methodical technician.